Company Highlights

Open source project "Archean"
More than 20 projects in production, including medical imaging, operations support
Provided services to a major Canadian hospital to implement medical image compression evaluation study
First web solution delivered to a customer
Company founded

Web-based Solutions

  • Social
  • Team-oriented
  • Provide positive feedback
  • Fun to use
  • Reliable and highly available

Our team is focusing on development of smart solutions to make distributed systems useful and helpful additions to your environment.

Our user interfaces are intuitive and revisioned until perfection.

Our programming interfaces are open and reusable.


Consulting Services

Every system we develop is a set of independent layers or components with clear API's, making it a good long-term investment and easy to improve.

No user experience is out of reach: 3D graphics, sound, video, mobile connectivity — to name a few. You will find it useful and exactly at the right place.

If you have any questions - contact us at info@xenotex.com